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7 Small, tree-dwelling, exceptionally vocal African primate with large eyes, also known as a galago (8)

9 Insects at an intermediate stage of development, such as caterpillars (6)

10 Tiny, biting, two-winged insect that resembles a mosquito (4)

11 Elongated fish of the order Atheriniformes with a silver line along its body (10)

12 Tall tree-like grass; the staple food of the giant panda (6)

14 New World songbird that builds a dome-shaped nest from mud (8)

15 Small back-yard bird that visits the UK to breed and is known for its beautiful song (6, 7)

17 Arboreal, brightly coloured amphibian; usually tiny (4, 4)

19 The ___ locust of Africa and Asia can fly long distances in huge swarms (6)

21 A creature with a backbone, such as a mammal, reptile or bird (10)

22 The fleshy red protuberance on the head of a bird, such as grouse (4)

23 The ___ crayfish is an invasive species that lives in the streams and rivers of the UK (6)

24 The ___ puffball is a large, round fungus with a tough, hide-like skin (8)


1 The ___fowl is a noisy African bird of the family Numididae (6)

2 Thrush-like songbird that in the UK may be stone___ or whin___ (4)

3 Aromatic flowering herb also known as southernwood and maid’s ruin (4, 4)

4 The woolly coat of a sheep (6)

5 Finches that specialise in feeding on the seeds of pine cones (10)

6 This name is given to some far- travelling butterflies, Bematistes aganice for example (8)

8 Lively, colourful, insect-eating bird that winters in African grasslands (6, 7)

13 The goliath ___-___ spider is a huge, predatory arachnid that lives in the rainforests of South America (4-6)

15 Evergreen shrub of the coffee family with pale, strongly scented flowers (8)

16 North American coniferous tree with rufous-coloured bark (3, 5)

18 River of north-west England; its estuary attracts thousands of wintering waterbirds (6)

20 Marine fish noted for its habit of attaching itself to larger creatures, such as sharks, to feed on the host’s external parasites (6)

22 Species of salmon with small black spots, also named the silver salmon (4)

Main image: A galago in Kruger National Park, Limpopo Province, South Africa. © Martin Harvey/Getty


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