BBC Wildlife 23

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1 David ___’s wildlife programmes have included Life On Earth, The Trials Of Life and Frozen Planet (12)

10 The ___horn is an antelope-like New World mammal (5)

11 ___’s gull has a black hood in the summer; also the surname of a famous French military political leader (9)

12 Generally aquatic chelonian reptile with a bony shell (6)

13 Tropical forest bird that eats insects and has a long, forked tail (6)

14 The upper edge of habitat in which forest can grow (4, 4)

17 Bushy plant of the legume family with edible lens-shaped seeds (6)

20 Burrowing Australian marsupial (6)

21 Term for an aquatic snail with a ‘planispiral’ coiled shell (8)

23 Ten-legged crustacean that feeds on the seafloor (6)

25 Male mallards, for example (6)

29 Gradual process by which new species of animals and plants develop; Darwin’s Theory of ___ (9)

30 Male honeybee (5)

31 Wetland habitat found at Arne in Dorset and Loch Fleet in northern Scotland, for instance (5, 7)


2 Freshwater fish of the salmon family found in Eurasia and North America (5)

3 The oak ___ moth is so named because its cocoon is acorn-like (5)

4 Small New World blackbird, the only member of the genus Dolichonyx (8)

5 The ___-tailed lemur lives in the forests of Madagascar (4)

6 The ___ valley is an upland river habitat in County Durham (5, 4)

7 Long-legged, fish-eating bird of lakes, ponds and riverbanks (5)

8 Bird’s-foot ___, a clover-like flower (7)

9 Another name for the tender early shoot of a plant (6)

15 Tall deciduous tree that has been almost wiped out in the UK by a microfungus (3)

16 Soil consisting of decayed leaves; also a tomato fungal disease (4, 5)

18 The ___-spot ladybird has the scientific name Adalia bipunctata (3)

19 Birds or other animals that occur outside their usual territorial range (8)

20 The ___ lowland gorilla is the most widespread gorilla species (7)

22 The black-___ grebe has red eyes (6)

24 A place where birds rest (5)

26 Climbing vine also known as Japanese arrowroot (5)

27 The ___ Estuary in Essex is an RSPB reserve known for dunlins (5)

28 The ___ partridge is a gamebird of Asia that lives in forests (4)

Main image: Male mallard duck at Loch Fleet, Sutherland, Scotland. © Iain Sarjeant/Getty


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