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7 Marten-like mammal native to North America (6)

8 Name given to a bird whose singing is thought to presage wet weather (8)

10 Arctic tundra-dwelling rodents related to voles and muskrats (8)

11 Camelids of South America, valued for their soft, woolly fleeces (6)

12 The frigate bird is sometimes known as the ___ bird because it steals from other birds (6)

13 Poisonous evergreen shrub, the only species in the genus Nerium (8)

15 Underground stem of a plant, which puts out lateral shoots; bamboo or venus flytrap for example (7)

17 The ___ tit is found in pine forests in the Scottish Highlands (7)

20 Common name for a deciduous tree that produces citrus fruit (4, 4)

22 Flowering plant such as poinsettia; family Eurphorbiaceae (6)

23 Tree native to China that has been described as a living fossil; also known as the maidenhair tree (6)

25 Name sometimes given to the goldeneye duck (8)

26 A whale, dolphin, or porpoise (8)

27 Tropical fruit-eating bird with a large bill and colourful plumage (6)


1 Small fish related to the seahorse, with a long tube-like snout (8)

2 Large primate of West and Central Africa that can make and use tools (10)

3 Cultivated fruit; genus Citrus (6)

4 City in which the BBC Natural History Unit was founded in 1957, and where BBC Wildlife Magazine is created (7)

5 Widespread New World plover, named after its sad-sounding call (8)

6 The ___ hawk-eagle has a pointed crest and is found in US tropics (6)

9 Constricting snake of the family B0idae that bears live young and can reach a great size (3)

14 Plant in the genus Tropaeolum, with bright, showy flowers and shield-shaped leaves; widely grown as an ornamental (1)

16 Tropical monkey with a long tail - may be silvery, black-tailed or gold-and-white (8)

18 Cartilaginous fish named after a large bird of prey; lives in the open ocean and has a whip-like tail (5, 3)

19 Commonly enchanted as a winter bird and the UK's smallest true thrush (7)

21 Flowering plants that are named after a Greek goddess who is the personification of the rainbow (6)

22 Migratory birds of the family Apodidae; the species nests in the tower of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History (6)

24 Omnivorous mountain part of New Zealand with mainly olive-green plumage (3)

Main image: Poinsettia flower. © Elisabeth Pollaert Smith/Getty


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