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7 US name for elk (5)

8 Gall found on an oak tree that has been caused by a gall wasp (3, 5)

10 Tiny semi-transparent crustacean that is also called a water flea (7)

11 Herbaceous Eurasian plant in the family Brassicaceae, with small yellow or white flowers (7)

12 Orkney island located east of Rousay; known for its corncrakes (7)

14 The underparts of the ___ tern take on a pinkish colour in the summer (7)

16 Name of the primrose Oenothera biennis used in herbal medicine (7, 4)

20 Chinese river, home to a species of river dolphin now feared extinct (7)

22 North African country in which Jebil National Park is situated (7)

23 Arctic whale with a single long tusk, which is an elongated tooth (7)

26 A breeding colony of long-legged wading birds; you can see one in Regent’s Park, London (7)

28 English county closely associated with the chough (8)

29 ___ Point is a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reserve famous for its migrant birds (5)


1 Cetacean with a small triangular dorsal fin but no beak that is widely distributed in Northern Europe (8)

2 Vascular plant that reproduces via spores released from its fronds (4)

3 Flowering trailing plant of South Africa, also known as hearts-on-a-string (6, 4)

4 Predatory seabird that may be arctic, great or pomarine (4)

5 River in the north-east of Scotland known for its salmon and trout (4)

6 Kodiak bears live in the Kodiak Archipelago of this US state (6)

7 Tiny flying insects that can be considered a nuisance when visiting Scotland (6)

9 In botany, a group of short flower stalks that spread from a common point (5)

13/27 Common name of Acorus calamus, a sedge-like plant also called beewort or myrtle flag (5, 4)

14 Cetacean of the family Balaenidae (5, 5)

15 The ___ bowerbird is endemic to eastern Australia; males have a metallic sheen and decorate bowers to impress females (5)

17 Of a tree, producing a viscous substance such as dammar or frankincense (8)

18 African carnivore that is a scavenger; striped, brown or spotted for example (5)

19 An Indian fig tree that begins its life by germinating in crevices of other trees (6)

21 ___-mouthed frogs belong to the family Microhylidae and feed on ants (6)

24 Name given to a female red deer (4)

25 The wood and willow warblers and chiffchaff are also known as ___ warblers (4)

Main image: Corncrake in the Hebrides, Scotland. © MyLoupe/Universal Images Group/Getty


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