You can never have too many mugs in your cupboard, perfect for a quick cup of coffee throughout the day or settling down with a hot chocolate in the evening. They make for a perfect present when gifted to a friend, loved one, or even to yourself.


We've put together some of our favourite picks of wildlife-themed mugs to help you take a moment to yourself and connect with the wilderness wherever you are.

Whether you'd prefer a mug you can take into your garden on a summery day that will complement the landscape, or something that will remind you of the outdoors when you're stuck inside, a fan of trees or just big on bees, there's plenty to consider in our list below.

Best wildlife-themed mugs to buy in 2023

Goldfinch mug, by Robert Fuller

Goldfinch mug. Robert E Fuller

A packed collection of cups that showcase some of the most stunning British wildlife, these mugs from artist and wildlife photographer Robert E Fuller would make for a lovely companion on your next tea break.

Made from a delicate fine bone china, they have been hand decorated to showcase beautiful illustrations on both the outside and inside of the mug, featuring everything from the graceful goldfinch (pictured above) and barn owl, to badgers and hares.

They’re also microwave safe so you won't have to worry about their durability, and suitable to be placed in a dishwasher, ready to be enjoyed again.

I Made It With My Bum mug, by Gemma Correll

I made it with my bum mug. Gemma Correll

This is one of my favourite mugs in my extensive mug cupboard, actually given to me as a leaving present gift from a previous job. The adorable little smiling spider and it's “I made it with my bum” always amuses me, and it holds a decent amount of tea for a morning cuppa (325ml according to the website).

The design is by US-based cartoonist and author Gemma Correll, and very handily it is dishwasher safe.

Reviewed by Megan Shersby, BBC Wildlife editorial and digital co-ordinator

Puffin mug, by Creature Candy

Puffin mug. Creature Candy

Designed and produced in England, this stylish mug from Creature Candy features a hand drawn puffin on the front and a description about the species on the back so you can further familiarise yourself with the 'sea parrot' between sips.

They're made from a fine bone china but that doesn't mean they're particularly fragile as they're still both dishwasher and microwave safe.

For each purchase made, 10% of proceeds will also be donated to the British Trust for Ornithology, so you can truly enjoy your next coffee knowing you've contributed to their conservation efforts.

There's also a range of other species mugs available, each partnering with a different wildlife charity.

Bee A Friend mug, by Ginger Fox

Bee A Friend mug. Ginger Fox

If you can't always be sat outdoors with a cup of tea you can still admire everything a beautiful garden has to offer, thanks to this Bee A Friend mug.

It features detailed illustrations of bee-friendly plants wrapped around the surface that include rosemary, lavender and hawthorn, alongside encouraging messages that promote an organic outdoor space, so you too will be buzzing with happiness while you drink.

More like this

Wren mug, by Madeleine Floyd

Madeleine Floyd wren and egg mug

A beautiful selection of china mugs featuring designs of British birds by artist Madeleine Floyd. Each features the bird - and as a bonus - the egg on the reverse, great for anyone wishing to improve their birds' egg identification skills. These mugs are slightly on the small side, so ideal for those short, strong cups of coffee. The collection is extensive, with species including starling, house sparrow, song thrush and tawny owl.

Reviewed by Sarah McPherson, BBC Wildlife features editor

Tree identification mug, by the Woodland Trust

Tree ID mug. Woodland Trust

Whether you want to familiarise yourself with some of your favourite trees, or you simply want a mug that will transport you outdoors wherever you're sitting, this stunning mug may be your best bet.

Displaying a vibrant woodland of ash, oak and rowan trees, this design still manages to be clean and precise, including illustrations of example leaves so you can take a closer look at the shape of the foliage.

The cup itself has an Acorn inset design and each purchase directly supports the work being done by the Woodland Trust.

Bee and thistle latte mug, by the RSPB

Bee and thistle mug. RSPB

Next time you take a moment to enjoy a latte you could do so alongside this bee tucking into a luscious thistle head if you opt for this colourful coffee mug.

Standing at just under 13 centimetres with a capacity of 400ml, this mug is especially large so you can indulge in a large tea or a hot chocolate, which is safe to be heated in a microwave.

He's a Fun-gi mouse mug, by Wrendale

He's a fun-gi mouses mug. Wrendale

This cute and playful mug from Wrendale Designs features a mischief of mice exploring a gathering of fun-gi, keeping you company while you drink.

Made from high quality bone china, it has a simple but stunning white speckled background which makes the centre design stand out even more.


The mug itself has a generous capacity of 310ml which is more than enough to justify taking a moment to sit back and appreciate the original illustrations created by artist Hannah Dale. Once you’re finished, this mug is also dishwasher safe so cleaning up should be nice and simple.