Most wildlife photographers will have all the kit they need – but what about other kit they may want, or buying gifts for the wildlife photographer that has all the kit they could want or need?


Our guide to the best gifts for wildlife photographers covers both fun, helpful and wishlist ideas – from the ever-needed memory cards, to a board game based on wildlife photography.

Best gifts for wildlife photographers

Chocolate Cameras

Chocolate cameras

Say it with chocolate! These nine adorable little chocolate cameras are handmade with the finest white, milk and dark Belgian chocolate (three of each), plus a negative strip of motivational phrases.

The chocolates are made by a family business near Bath in Somerset – a father-daughter team, including the accomplished inventor Kerr Dunlop who designed the hedgehog boot wiper! Their now patented idea of layering chocolate on top of chocolate created Choc on Choc, and they now produce a wide variety of designs – including a gaming controller, stationary, and wildlife designs, as well as 'Melt and Make Your Own kits' such as zoo animals and dinosaurs.

The weight is 90g, the box dimensions are 10cm x 10cm x 3cm, and the shelf life is 3-6 months.

BBC Wildlife subscription

Give the gift of inspiration and wonder! BBC Wildlife is packed with stunning wildlife photography, features and wildlife spotting advice from the world's best photographers and writers.

Snapshot: Wildlife Photographer

Snapshot Wildlife Photographer game

What do you get for the wildlife photographer that's got everything? Why a game about wildlife photography of course! In this game, players are wildlife photographers travelling to different habitats (shoreline, savannah, mountain and rainforest) to take images for the fictional Snapshot Magazine, earning prestigious prizes along the way.

Will you be able to snap the perfect shot without spooking the animals, and will you be able to complete you secret cover photo and feature assignments from the magazine?

Since it was first released in 2021, the developers have since released a Flora Expansion (£7.50) and a Deluxe Playmat (£20.00).

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SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II Card

SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II Card

Wildlife photographers can never have too many memory cards! In our best kit for wildlife photographers, Graeme Green says, “The SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II Card has write-speeds of up to 260MB/s6 to handle rapid shots in succession, and can handle RAW and JPEG.”

Simon King Ultimate Wildlife Hide

Simon King Ultimate Wildlife Hide

An award-winning photography hide designed in association with wildlife photographer, presenter and author Simon King, the hide measures measures 1.42 metres square and 1.58 metres high. It's made from camouflage polyester material, and has PU waterproof coating – while not completely waterproof in heavy rains, will protect a photographer and their kit in most wet conditions.

The hide is quick and easy to put up and disassembly, thanks to its pop-up design. It has twin viewports on all the ‘windows’ on all four sides, moveable camouflage scrim material on all window internals, double-sided zip pulls to allow opening and closing from inside or outside, strong pegs, robust frame and extra strength material to prevent ‘stitch-rip’.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

A classic gift with a twist: a coffee mug that looks like a camera lens! The particular mug is a replica of a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM camera lens, and has a food grade stainless steel interior for easy cleaning and keeping your drink hot for longer, and a non-toxic ABS plastic exterior.

It comes with two screw-on lids, one of which is a replica lens cover non-spill lid and closes the cup like a thermos, and the other has a coffee sipper opener. The coffee mug also comes with a stainless steel spoon.

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