Happy Easter, Sir David Attenborough!

Sir David Attenborough gets a surprise Easter gift during BBC Wildlife interview.

All images © Tom Gilks/BBC Wildlife

All images © Tom Gilks/BBC Wildlife

“You should have smashed it into a hundred pieces first, and then glued it back together!” laughed Sir David Attenborough when we visited him at home in London.


We had just given Sir David a specially customised Easter egg – made from palm-oil-free chocolate, naturally.

Our gift’s alternative packaging refers to the 2011 programme Attenborough and the Giant Egg, in which the presenter went to Madagascar to search for the huge eggs of extinct elephant birds.


Pieces of these ancient eggshells still litter the sandy ground in some parts of the island, and Sir David also has one of the massive eggs in his own private collection.

The reconstructed egg is currently on view at London’s Horniman Museum.

BBC Wildlife Magazine visited the London home of Sir David to chat about his long and glittering career.


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