Charity urges public to take more care after hedgehog almost dies in empty cat food tin

A tiny hedgehog had a close call when it became trapped in a tin due to be collected for recycling.

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) is encouraging people to check and crush their empty food tins, after a hedgehog was found in a cat food tin.


Tania, from south Shropshire, was amazed to find a tiny hedgehog trapped in the empty tin when she checked her recycling box as she was putting it out for collection.

She and her partner Jack managed to cut the hedgehog free, and then contacted the BHPS.

It was found that the hedgehog, now called Tinny, was only 290g and would have been unable to hibernate successfully. The recommended weight for a hedgehog to hibernate and survive through winter is 600g.

Tinny was also suffering from hypothermia, lungworm and fluke. She has since been treated and is now recuperating with a hedgehog rehabilitator.

“We are so relieved to hear how lucky Tinny was, and that she is now safe with a rehabilitator until she is fit for release,” says Fay Voss, chief executive of BHPS.


“Crushing cans is such a quick and simple thing to do, and we hope the story of Tinny’s great escape will bring people’s attention to the need to do this.”