Leif Bersweden is a writer, botanist and science communicator. Keen to “put plants back on the map”, Leif spreads awareness of and enthusiasm for wild plants through his public speaking, teaching and publications.

How old is Leif Bersweden?

Leif Bersweden was born in 1994 and grew up in rural Wiltshire, where he taught himself how to identify the local flora.

What books has Leif Bersweden published?

Leif Bersweden is author of The Orchid Hunter and Where the Wildflowers Grow.

What did Leif Bersweden study?

Leif Bersweden studied plant science at higher education, completing a biology degree at Oxford and is currently completing a PhD at Kew Gardens in genetics, studying Species Integrity and Gene Flow in Anthropomorphic Orchis species.

In 2022, he appeared on the BBC Countryfile ‘Plodcast’, talking to Annabel Ross about his botanism. In 2023, he will contribute to Springwatch.

Is he on social media?

You can follow Leif on the following channels:

Instagram: instagram.com/leifbersweden/
Twitter: twitter.com/LeifBersweden
Youtube: youtube.com/@leifbersweden9442


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