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How many British insects can you identify?

Can you identify these British insects from their pictures?

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Britain is home to 27,000 species of insect. This includes bugs, beetles, butterflies, moths, bees, and much much more!


This number is just a tiny percentage of the species that can be found across the globe. Insects are the most abundant and successful animals on Earth, and although often seen as unwanted and even repellant, they can be a great source of beauty and fascination, as well as being vital to every ecosystem.

Insects are responsible for pollinating many of the plants we depend on, help to decompose plant and animal matter, and are primary food sources for many other animals.

Hopefully this quiz will get you excited about some of the amazing insects that can be found in our gardens, countryside, and even homes!


Main image: Eurydema ornata. © Dorit Bar-Zakay/Getty


Leoma WilliamsScience writer

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